Tell us a bit about yourselves!

Welcome to the Flying Tin Cans! Please post here if you are interested in joining us!
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Tell us a bit about yourselves!

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Hello and welcome to our Forums!

We are the "Flying Tin Cans" and we are a Virtual Air Combat Community. Our Community is mostly centred around the IL-2 Sturmovik series of games, but we all share a love for flying, vintage aircraft and good banter, in any form.

Some words that will prove indicative of our Community, Ethos and Events, are a well-rounded, like-minded and mature group of people, who get together to fly multi-player, multi-squadron and head-to-head, persistent historical campaigns, with persistent pilot characters, an organic aerial victory system, after action reports and awards, once a week on our game server.

More activity can be found on our Discord (and Teamspeak when we fly) at the moment, so please head over there if you're interested in what we do!
(the links for these will be shared in due course)

Please introduce yourself here in this forum; that way we'll know you're interested and we'll look out for you.

Watch this space for more information and any other announcements! 8-)